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Bright Care Christian Counseling

Bright Care was born to serve anyone hoping to find light and healing. We believe in the power of God as the source of transformation and understanding. Seeking to maintain mental health in this dark world, our culture is one of non- judgment, understanding, support, passion, hope, and peace. Bright Care is meant to service those in need of a “win” in spite of the obstacles facing them due to race, religion, gender, sexuality, or circumstances.


As a wife and mother of three children I’ve experienced many things testing my strength. For this practice, I am simply an instrument purposed to help people explore choices toward freely living a life that doesn’t have to be so hard to live anymore. We do a lot of work inside our meeting space, but I believe the real test is outside it.

I decided to offer Christian counseling because many clients I know have desired it and found it to be incredibly valuable. In my professional experience, I’ve discovered and continue to grow a profound respect for the power of God. I know nothing like it. I believe God is the source of all truth, light, peace, hope, and joy and these are all pieces I want woven throughout this practice. Although these can successfully be achieved by other means, God’s presence and movement is welcome here so we don’t have to avoid the topic. However, I understand and respect anyone who wants to receive therapy free of religion, so we use secular therapeutic methods unless otherwise preferred by you


My Background

Christian Counseling Associates

From Summer 2017 -Winter 2019 I completed about half of my hours at this group practice as a candidate for marriage and family therapy licensure. I provided affordable counseling for individuals, families, and couples.

Cornerstone Counseling and Consulting Incorporated
From Summer 2017 – Fall 2019 I completed about half of my hours at this outpatient facility servicing clients with state healthcare, offering case management, and multiple other programs. During this time I became increasingly interested in working with teens and adults with issues of trauma, mood disorders, and relationship issues.

University of Central Oklahoma: Jackson College of Graduate Studies
In Spring 2017 I received my graduate degree of Master of Science in the Family and Child Studies LMFT program, with an emphasis on cognitive behavioral theory and family systems approaches.

From Summer 2016 – Spring 2017 I completed my practicum during an internship at the Christian Counseling Associates offices in Oklahoma City and Edmond. In this non-profit ministry I saw a diversity of ages from toddlers to older adults, and a greater diversity of issues. I operated in context of  co-therapy with colleagues as well as practiced individual, family, and couples therapy independently.

In Fall 2015 I began counseling students in the part-time University of Central Oklahoma Counseling Center. Here I offered free services for students facing issues ranging between anxiety and depression, to achieve wellness and improved functioning in their lives.

Oklahoma Department of Human Services- MWC Office
From Fall 2011 – Spring 2016 I did social work at the Oklahoma Department of Human Services in Midwest City. I received clients in the child support sector. I focused on assisting families achieve financial assistance, resolve disputes in legally binding contracts, mediated disagreements and provided resources wherever and whenever applicable.

University of Central Oklahoma (UCO)
From Summer 2007 – Summer 2011 I studied at UCO. During the Summer of 2011 I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology with focus on studies of human behavior and social public service and research.


Create a story from your hope, not your hurt.

Bright Care Christian Counseling in Oklahoma City, OK. provides psychotherapy servicing teens and adults for mood instability, chaotic living, couples counseling, and identity crises.