Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling

There are so many challenges that face couples today. How these challenges are overcome are typically different depending on if you are married, engaged, or in a committed relationship especially if there are any children involved. We have specialists able to assist in the issues confronting couples today to either healthily process whether to stay in the relationship or dissolve the commitment, build trust and boundaries, share emotional or behavioral grievances within the safety of a professional, build a steady foundation for marriage, rebound or reconcile from divorce or separation, or enhance the relationship’s intimacy and spirituality. No matter what is going on, improving communication by sharing your individual thoughts and feelings with each other will be at the center of care.



· Codependency (Specialists in Codependency: BrittanyCeedeeKaitlyn)

· Discernment Counseling (Specialists in Discernment Counseling: BrittanyCeedeeKaitlyn)

· Infertility (Specialists in Infertility: BrittanyCeedeeKaitlyn)

· Infidelity (Specialists in Infidelity: BrittanyCeedeeJamesKaitlyn)

· Pre-marital (Specialists in Pre-marital: BrittanyCeedeeJamesKaitlyn)

· Relationship Enhancement (Specialists in Relationship Enhancement: CeedeeKaitlyn)

· Relationship Reconciliation (Specialists in Relationship Reconciliation: BrittanyCeedeeJamesKaitlyn)