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We provide counseling for all ages servicing couples, families, and individuals. It takes different kinds of people to make a world so we offer services in a variety of specialties and tailor the treatment uniquely to your needs. 

Christian Counseling

Christian counseling is using a Christian lens to see how to help someone facing challenges. Christian counseling supports mental health, allows for spiritual inclusion, appreciates choices, and is concerned about people who are hurting. We value choices so the role of spirituality is solely based on what you want to do.

Find Balance

Find Unity

Couples Counseling

We have specialists able to assist in the issues confronting couples today to either healthily process whether to stay in the relationship or dissolve the commitment, build trust and boundaries, share emotional or behavioral grievances within the safety of a professional, build a steady foundation for marriage, rebound or reconcile from divorce or separation, or enhance the relationship’s intimacy and spirituality.

Family Challenges

We have specialists able to help with the healthy merging of families after marriage, or for adoption, fostering, or reunifying with a parent. Our specialists can also help with developing healthy familial boundaries, recovery and decision-making in abusive situations, understanding and coping through chronic illness, and healing from grief and loss.

Find Home

Find Self

Individual Therapy

For those challenged with mental health disorders, we have specialists able to help. With varying severity of mental and behavioral health struggles, sadness, or stress regulation, we will help you understand your associated symptoms to achieve skills so you can have both healthy control of your life and freedom.

Pastoral Care

However you identify, your pastoral care provider will maintain focus on listening to you and building trust and rapport so you can gain what helpful insight a spiritual view can offer your situation. A minister will safely walk with and listen to those who want what God has for them, provide guidance and advice, and offer support, care, and compassion.

Find Guidance

Find Connection

Virtual Services

Virtual service (aka “telehealth” or “teletherapy”) is a way to attend counseling remotely through video conferencing online. We provide virtual counseling services for all ages and offer specialists in mood and personality disorders, family matters, couples counseling and youth issues.

Youth Issues

Together you will work with a youth specialist to gain insight into problems and solutions, break generational patterns, identify triggers, make healthy adjustments through transitions, and understand the different choices available to outgrow behavioral issues or heal from trauma. Our specialists are careful to celebrate every victory, big or small, to build confidence and hope for the future of your child or teenager.

Find Growth

Create a story from your hope, not your hurt.

Bright Care Christian Counseling is in Oklahoma City, OK and provides counseling services for all ages. We offer specialists in mood and personality disorders, family matters, couples counseling, and youth issues. Feel free to contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment.