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We offer professional counseling for couples therapy, family therapy, and individual therapy for children, teens, and adults.

“Who We Are”

We are a group of professional counselors specializing in diverse areas of mental, behavioral, and spiritual health. Our therapists use evidence-based approaches including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), and Attachment-based models within each area of expertise. We provide high quality care by using our clinical experience with the knowledge you have of yourself and your needs to tailor your healthcare treatment. We have a pastoral care provider for anyone desiring deeper biblical guidance for their challenges.


  “About Christian Counseling?”

We are all counselors who personally identify as Christian. We appreciate spiritual and holistic care with cultural competence in understanding how life can still be very difficult even if you are a believer in Jesus Christ. Many people desire to learn how to use their beliefs to help with their mental health journey, and many people do not have the desire or belief to do that at all. The role of spirituality is solely based on what you prefer to do. You set your own goals and we will work accordingly.

 “How to Begin”

You can reach us by phone, our contact form, email, mail, or carrier pigeon (if you have one). We will ask you a few questions to identify the provider best fit for your needs and your provider will contact you and walk you through setting up your services to begin virtually or for a traditional office visit. Whether you are new to counseling or familiar we want you to feel free to ask us any questions at any time.

 “About Payments”

Payment is due at the time of service. You are free to ask us any questions regarding payments at any time. You choose what credit card, debit card, HSA, or FSA card you prefer to be stored on file when we set up your services to begin. This is to help the payment process to be easy and allows us to focus on the more important task of providing your care

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Here are a few of our services

Couples Counseling

We have specialists able to assist in the issues confronting couples today to either healthily process whether to stay in the relationship or dissolve the commitment, build trust and boundaries, share emotional or behavioral grievances within the safety of a professional, build a steady foundation for marriage, rebound or reconcile from divorce or separation, or enhance the relationship’s intimacy and spirituality.

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Family Challenges

We have specialists able to help with the healthy merging of families after marriage, or for adoption, fostering, or reunifying with a parent. Our specialists can also help with developing healthy familial boundaries, recovery and decision-making in abusive situations, understanding and coping through chronic illness, and healing from grief and loss.

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Individual Therapy

For those challenged with mental health disorders, we have specialists able to help. With varying severity of mental and behavioral health struggles, sadness, or stress regulation, we will help you understand your associated symptoms to achieve skills so you can have both healthy control of your life and freedom.

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Pastoral Care

However you identify, your pastoral care provider will maintain focus on listening to you and building trust and rapport so you can gain what helpful insight a spiritual view can offer your situation. A minister will safely walk with and listen to those who want what God has for them, provide guidance and advice, and offer support, care, and compassion.

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Youth Issues

Together you will work with a youth specialist to gain insight into problems and solutions, break generational patterns, identify triggers, make healthy adjustments through transitions, and understand the different choices available to outgrow behavioral issues or heal from trauma. Our specialists are careful to celebrate every victory, big or small, to build confidence and hope for the future of your child or teenager.
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Meeting Standards

Bright Care Christian Counseling has earned the Gold Seal of Approval ® for Behavioral Health Services from the Joint Commission​

Bright Care Christian Counseling has earned the Gold Seal of Approval ® for Counseling and Psychotherapy Services from the Joint Commission​

Where Do I Start?

Bright Care Christian Counseling Okc Services

Great question! Just reach out to us any way you’d like. We also have a contact form and a referral form for you to use to make things easier. Once you’ve reached out, we’ll return your contact by greeting you and asking you a few questions to identify your needs to find the best fit provider, set an appointment, or provide a referral, or resource. Whether you are new to counseling or familiar we want you to feel free to ask us any questions at any time.

Social Media

Bright Care Christian Counseling Okc Services

We post inspirational and motivational daily content with useful pragmatic tips and thought food for intentional daily living. We are active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, and LinkedIn. It’s important to cultivate depth in everyday life to keep from becoming machines, autopiloting through life. Sometimes we face significant problems, and sometimes we don’t. Purposeful living is more than about fixing what’s broken in our lives; it’s about making positive changes in how we live our life. This is a daily personal mission so we post often to help achieve this for ourselves and others – 


Bright Care Christian Counseling Okc Services

“If you believe someone is at immediate risk for attempting suicide please call 911 and ask to speak to a “CIT” (Crisis Intervention Trained Officer (This a police officer with special training). 

Tell the dispatcher that the person you are calling about has mental illness. If you know the diagnosis and current treatment status, be prepared to fit that into the context of immediate crisis you are calling

about. If you or someone you know is seeking non-emergency assistance please feel free to contact us for a suitable referral or resource.”

Helpful Articles

Bright Care Christian Counseling Okc Services

We share articles that go into more depth in many various areas of mental health, behavioral health, spiritual health, evidence-based models of treatment, and information demystifying psychotherapeutic care. We include pragmatic steps to guide you for self-help and hope these articles keep you encouraged and striving to grow and thrive as we also strive to do. –

Got Questions?

Bright Care Christian Counseling Okc Services

Receiving psychotherapy can feel unfamiliar and maybe even uncomfortable to consider, especially if you’re considering therapy services for the first time or have had negative experiences in the past. There are so many questions you may have about the process. It is normal to feel anxious about contacting mental health providers directly. Because of this, we’ve compiled a list of the most common basic questions and hope it is helpful to satisfy any curiosity or need for more understanding.

Client Portal

Bright Care Christian Counseling Okc Services

If you’re already being seen at Bright Care then you have access to a client portal. To access your client portal you will be leaving the Bright Care website and your portal with Therapy Appointment 2.0 will launch immediately. The Client Portal is registered under the name of the Bright Care Christian Counseling Director, Brittany Black. You can still easily access your client portal here even if you are not meeting with Brittany for therapy.

To go to your portal please click the button below. 

Bright Care Christian Counseling is in Oklahoma City, OK and provides counseling services for all ages. We offer specialists in mood and personality disorders, family matters, couples counseling, and youth issues. Feel free to contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment.