Loving Christian counselors embracing diversity of individuals and families of all beliefs, ages, stages, races, and situations.

Loving Christian counselors embracing diversity of individuals and families of all beliefs, ages, stages, races, and situations.

Specifically, we are Christian counselors with a loving approach where you are free to be yourself.

It takes all kinds of people to make a world, so we represent a practice principled to love all kinds. With male and female therapists, various expertise, and individual backgrounds, we have our own lived experiences to derive understanding and healing.

Our personal testimonies motivate us to welcome those who cannot find an encouraging space to just be. Here we want you left with knowing you’re valued for who you are, not for who anyone wants you to be.

As Christian mental health professionals our spiritual insight provides a holistic picture to center empathy, love, and understanding. This approach to clinical healthcare allows us a foundational heart posture to help you face how complicated life is. Because we accept life can be difficult and therapy can still be needed, even if you believe in Jesus Christ. Furthermore, our pastoral care provider can help you with deep biblical guidance to navigate challenges.

We understand you may want everything your faith and spirituality can do to help. Likewise, we understand you might not want that and believe a secular approach without spiritual integration could be most helpful. We’re also particularly familiar with religious trauma and church hurt being very real things and concerns.

Here you are in the driver’s seat. Regardless of any religious ideas, the role of spirituality is based on what you want to do. Moreover we go at a pace that works for you on your journey. This way you bring us your goals and we bring our clinical tools to co-create a tailored vehicle towards that destination.

We recognize you came here seeking room to grow as a person or couple or family. And each time you leave here we believe you can leave a little closer to your bright new beginning. Realizing every chapter in your story won’t be sunny, nonetheless, a step forward is still a step forward. And every chapter gets you closer to the best part.

As professional therapists and counselors, we are intentional to provide specialized quality care. As a result we appreciate the unique light you bring to the world and use the light of hope you found leading you here.

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Couples Counseling

Our couple’s specialists will help you identify you and your partner, or spouse’s, wants and needs. With you we’ll ground your beliefs about commitment and love toward yourself and your person towards a healthy new normal.

Family Challenges

Our family therapists will help your family system realize and change how you show up for them and how they show up for you. Together we will work to bring love, boundaries, and healing that impacts generations.

Individual Therapy

Whether life’s been hard on you, or you struggle with mental or behavioral health, we have individual specialists to help. Consequently, we target helping you manage struggles to heal and achieve skills for healthy control of your life and freedoms.

Pastoral Care

Listening to you and building trust and safety through a spiritual lens is central to pastoral care. Here a minister works with you to discover what helpful insight a biblical perspective offers your situation. 

Youth Issues

We all have been young before and our childhood influenced how we see the world. Our youth specialists use age-appropriate practices to build safety and trust with your child or teen to learn, cope, and be empowered.

Bright Care Christian Counseling has earned the Gold Seal of Approval ® for Behavioral Health Services from the Joint Commission​

Bright Care Christian Counseling has earned the Gold Seal of Approval ® for Counseling and Psychotherapy Services from the Joint Commission​

How do I Start?

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We have a contact form or a referral form for you to use to make things easier.

When you contact us we will begin asking you a few questions about your needs and preferences. This will help us identify the best fit provider you are looking for. Whether you are new to counseling or familiar, we want you to be fully informed. So feel free to ask us any questions at any time.


Bright Care Christian Counseling is in Oklahoma City, OK and provides counseling services for all ages. We offer specialists in mood and personality disorders, family matters, couples counseling, and youth issues. Feel free to contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment.


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