Family Challenges.

Family Challenges

Within the family we have our first sense of belonging. The need to belong often competes with the need to be an individual. So, when the family is not “okay”, usually neither are the individuals inside of it. A family is full of people all related to each other one way or another. However, the appreciation of differences and understanding of similarities is vitally important to a thriving family. It is crucial to recognize the different types of families that exist, and care for each according to their unique challenges.


We have specialists able to help with healthy merging of families after marriage, or for adoption, fostering, or reunifying with a parent. Our specialists can also help with developing healthy familial boundaries, recovery and decision-making in abusive situations, understanding and coping through chronic illness, and healing from grief and loss. All family members who are characters in the family story of safety and restoration are welcome to be involved with the counseling process. Everyone’s thoughts and feelings are helpful to contribute toward resolution or reconciliation.



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