Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy

We offer a judgment-free space for you to explore many strategies to resolving life’s difficulties, process your feelings, or gain tools in the discovery of symptom-free living or a healthier sense of self. We will help you identify and achieve the success story you imagine for your relationships or situations, so you can find rest and resolution. Many times, people know something is not quite right and want to break cycles, but too often we feel stuck because we are unaware of what else to do or where to start. We may want to do “the right thing”, but either no one has any satisfying advice or too many opinions clutter our decision-making process. We’re left self-doubting, confused, frustrated, and exhausted. We will listen to you, value you, and learn how to balance your competing needs of needing to belong and also needing to be an individual.


For those challenged with mental health disorders, we have specialists able to help. With varying severity of mental and behavioral health struggles, sadness, or stress regulation, we will help you understand your associated symptoms to achieve skills so you can have both healthy control of your life and freedom.


Sometimes you just need space to process. For those going through difficult circumstances, we will walk with you, listen to you, talk to you, and provide you the attention and care to ensure you can be seen, heard, and valued. We will help you find ways of building boundaries, structuring your life in a more helpful way relationally, behaviorally, and spiritually. We will identify tools to help you heal and restore peace, security, confidence, and hope for your future.


· Anger ManagementBrittanyBryanCeedeeJamesKaitlyn

· Anxiety DisordersBrittanyBryanCeedeeKaitlyn

· Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)BrittanyBryanCeedeeKaitlyn

· Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)BrittanyKaitlyn

· Bipolar DisordersBrittanyCeedeeKaitlyn

· Chaotic LivingBrittanyBryanCeedeeKaitlyn

· Chronic IllnessCeedeeKaitlyn

· Depressive DisordersBryanCeedeeKaitlyn

· Grief and LossBryanCeedeeJamesKaitlyn

· Identity IssuesBrittanyBryanCeedeeKaitlyn

· LGBTQ+ ChallengesBrittanyKaitlyn

· Men’s IssuesJamesKaitlyn

· Post-relationship IssuesBrittanyCeedeeKaitlyn

· Religious ScrupulosityBrittanyBryanCeedeeJamesKaitlyn

· Self-HarmBrittanyBryanCeedee, Kaitlyn

· Suicidal IdeationBrittanyBryanKaitlyn

· Trauma DisordersBrittanyBryanCeedeeKaitlyn

· Women’s Issues: BrittanyCeedeeKaitlyn