Youth Issues

Youth Issues

Kids should be empowered to succeed in life but sometimes life doesn’t give them the fair shake they deserve. Our youth counselors work together with the family to build trust and appreciation of the difficult task of raising up a new generation. Together you will work with a youth specialist to gain insight into problems and solutions, break generational patterns, identify triggers, make healthy adjustments through transitions, and understand the different choices available to outgrow behavioral issues or heal from trauma. Sometimes change is quick and easy, but other times it is slow. However the pace, change will require commitment, consistency, intentionality, and diligence. Our specialists are careful to celebrate every victory, big or small, to build confidence and hope for the future of your child or teenager.


Our specialists in youth issues use different methods of counseling for youth including play therapy, emotional processing, sharing thoughts, understanding and naming feelings, healthy emotional expression, replacing unhealthy coping skills with healthier coping strategies, and learning different choices in behaviors. Outside of session, there may be homework assignments, journal writing, reading, art or other creative methods for self-discovery, healing, and expression. Most sessions will focus on self-awareness, choices, problem solving and setting goals for the present and future. Other areas of counseling may include focusing on responsibility, meaning of life, and strength building. Ultimately our aim is for your child or teen to thrive through what they’ve been through so they can have the bright future you imagine for them.



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