Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is treated through a well-experienced pastor, knowledgeable in scripture, and appreciative of how a close relationship with God transforms the heart of a person and relationship. Anyone is welcome to benefit from this faith-based insight into their life; however, we understand how prior experiences with religious people may leave some skeptical or even hostile to exploring the principles Christianity offers. For others, there may be disagreement with many religious principles. There are also many who are more than happy and eager for God to show up more clearly in their life. However you identify, your pastoral care provider will maintain focus on listening to you and building trust and rapport so you can gain what helpful insight a spiritual view can offer your situation.

A minister will safely walk with and listen to those who want what God has for them, provide guidance and advice, and offer support, care, and compassion. In pastoral care you will not be “preached” to, instead you will experience a joint effort towards your goals as a collaborative approach. Both individuals and couples will be able to identify different choices, learn different ways of looking at the same problem, and explore what relevant advice scripture offers to inform decision-making and understanding. Any religious hurt, stress, doubt, question, or curiosity can be explored in the safety of pastoral care to pursue the goal post you set.

  • Marital biblical counseling
  • Pre-marital biblical counseling
  • Post-marital recovery
  • Life’s Difficulties
  • Spiritual coaching
  • Religious guilt
  • Christian Doubt
  • Diverse spiritual concerns
  • Church Hurt
  • Guidance for Ministers