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Typical sessions are 50 minutes, although longer or shorter sessions can be arranged. Fees vary per provider (view here to see each provider’s bio and fees) and in certain circumstances you may qualify for a lower fee.

Payment is due at the time of service. You are free to ask us any questions regarding payments at any time. You choose what credit card, debit card, HSA, or FSA card you prefer to be stored on file when we set up your services to begin. This is to help the payment process to be easy and allows us to focus on the more important task of providing your care.


Many insurance companies provide “Out-of-Network” (OON) benefits.If we are not in your insurance provider network or you prefer to use your OON benefits then we will offer you a special receipt to be reimbursed by your insurance provider.

Insurance benefits can have unpredictable deductibles, copays, and coinsurance amounts. Furthermore, insurance benefits typically renew on an annual basis. This means your insurance coverage and your responsibility of healthcare costs may change from year to year.

We would be happy to help with any questions you have. To accomplish the best understanding of what your insurance benefits cover, we encourage you to call your insurance provider directly and ask the following questions regarding your in-network insurance coverage:

  1. Does my insurance cover any mental or behavioral health costs?
  2. Do I have an insurance deductible? (A deductible is an amount you need to spend before you can use your insurance benefits)
  3. Do I have a coinsurance or copayment amount? Co-insurance is a percentage of fees you are responsible to pay. Copayment is a flat dollar amount you are responsible to pay.
  4. If you have a situation other than traditional individual mental healthcare, it may be helpful to ask if your insurer covers the care you are seeking. This includes the following unique situations: telehealth (virtual) services, couples and/or family counseling, group therapy, or having more than one hourly session within a week.


We have providers who accept the following insurances:

Blue Cross Blue Shield

Healthcare Highways

Health Choice

Insure Oklahoma

Optum Health Care

United Healthcare

Optum Health Care



We accept payments in the form of cash, check, debit or credit card, and HSA or FSA.

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