Pastoral Care Provider

Perhaps “for better or for worst” seemed much simpler at the time, or maybe life became so challenging it’s hard to understand where and how faith, hope, love, and forgiveness would enter, or reenter your life. You may have been injured by those who were supposed to represent the love of God to you but failed greatly. This may have been a recent experience or something long unresolved, leaving you discouraged or disappointed, rejected and shamed, yet hopeful to somehow find your way back to a deeper relationship with God. You want what God has for you, but communicating what you need is increasingly difficult or seems useless at times. Maybe you feel like you’ve made too many mistakes and you’re too far from Christ, even though you have never wanted him closer than you do right now. Or maybe clashes in personal differences have turned what you thought would be marital bliss, into a marital miss. There are so many believers who experience all of these things. It is normal to be a Christian, yet not feel okay with how life is going.

The pastoral care I provide includes deep focus in the areas of premarital and marital biblical counseling, individual ministerial guidance, post-marital recovery, church hurt, fatherhood, manhood, and spiritual concerns.

Our time will be collaborative as I will work with you, not preach at you. I will not judge you, as my pastoral care is protective to create a safe space where you can share openly and honestly with a minister and feel understood, heard, and valued. I will support you as you navigate the difficulties facing you and I will walk with you through any church hurt or spiritual obstacles. For individuals, I aim to build trust and coach you through the different choices you have. We will explore where the bible has relevant advice to inform those different decisions. For couples, together, we will process your relational concerns and discover how scripture can directly provide guidance and help your situation, to bring the better you want to find. Recognizing your commitment is important and prioritizing the sanctity of your marriage will direct you both.

I have decades of experience as an ordained pastor, educator, spiritual director in pastoral care, spiritual counseling, marriage mentoring, and business leadership, and have worked with diverse populations in rural, urban and suburban environments.

Culture is a reality I respect and deeply appreciate while providing pastoral care for persons on various spiritual journeys, and those undergoing difficulties in life. I understand we all have different levels of faith. I also understand that faith alone doesn’t make any problem go away. I believe the only thing necessary to experience spiritual success is sincerity, a true desire to please God and trust him, even with some doubt, despite the situation. I am just a man, but with God we can do anything. Together we will uncover your authentic self and break free from whatever situation is working to hold you down. Let’s begin!


Pastoral Care Services:

Marital biblical counseling
Pre-marital biblical counseling
Post-marital recovery
Life’s difficulties
Spiritual coaching
Religious guilt
Christian doubt
Diverse spiritual concerns
Church hurt
Guidance for ministers

Contact Information:

If you have any questions, please contact me at (405)250-7982 or e-mail me at: ja***@br********.com&su=RE:Therapy Services”>ja***@br**********.com