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Recent changes to Oklahoma’s Medicaid Agency (aka “SoonerCare” and now “Sooner Select”) have been challenging and confusing for many to navigate. We understand this so we wanted to help spread the word to make things easier to understand.

Disclaimer: Our practice does not own nor make any decisions about how Oklahoma’s Medicaid program operates. Below we’ve simply compiled some resources from Sooner Select and some of our own also. We hope this page helps to provide some clarity and assistance.

Still have questions?

Sooner Select Help Line

800-987-7767, Option 5

According to the Oklahoma Health Care Authority:

Sooner Care is now SoonerSelect.”

“Sooner Select is a health care delivery system used to coordinate health and dental care and to improve quality of care. The Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA) partners with health and dental plans to coordinate the care for most members. SoonerSelect provides Medicaid health benefits through contracted arrangements between state Medicaid agencies, health plans, and dental plans.”

Sooner Select began on April 1, 2024.

If you didn’t choose a new Sooner Select plan already then OHCA may have chosen one for you.

You should make sure your contact information (address, phone number and email address) are up to date so when the time comes, you can receive critical information about SoonerSelect. You can do this by visiting

Sooner Select has contracted three insurance entities. If you previously had SoonerCare you may discover you are now insured under 1 of the 3 following Oklahoma Medicaid contracted entities:


Aetna Better Health

Humana Healthy Horizons

Oklahoma Complete Health

  • Active coverage. You can visit or call (800)987-7767 to verify you have active Oklahoma Medicaid insurance coverage.
  • Updated contact information. Please make sure your contact information (address, phone number, and email address) is up to date with your provider.
  • Insurance cards. Your provider may need a copy of your new insurance card. These should be mailed to you from your new Sooner Select insurer.
  • Dual insurance coverage. Inform your provider if you are a member of more than one insurance company to prevent complications in processing your claims.

Still have questions?

Sooner Select Help Line

800-987-7767, Option 5

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